Vista Indoor Tennis

451 Oakridge Drive
South Salem, NY 10590
      Descriptions of Level:   

Starters (beg/beg+)

These students are new to the game of tennis or have had limited instruction.

Stroke production is taught.


Qualifiers (Low Intermediate)

These students can conduct a brief 

rally with the Pro. They can do basic volleys, and get serves in without 

power. They still need work 

on placement, footwork, serves.


Challengers (Intermediate)

These students can rally full court with consistency (8 or more times with a partner), place the ball, exhibit 

moderate net skills, and can 

hit some serves with power.


Elite (Advanced Intermediate)

Extensive tennis background. They demonstrate power, and placement 

on all strokes. Tournament player.



                   LESSON PROGRAMS   


  Calling All Kids   K-1st graders

 This program is designed for Beginners. This program meets once a week for 45  minutes. We cover the basics with drills and games that make learning tennis fun. 

 We use age appropriate balls.

 Student to instructor ratio is 6:1.

 Calling All Kids 2       2nd & 3rd graders   

 This program is designed for children with some tennis experience.  

This program meets once a week for 1 hour. We use age appropriate balls. 

We cover the basics with drills and games that make learning tennis fun.  

Student to instructor ratio is  6:1.

 Junior Clinic     2nd - 12th graders  

Starters & Qualifiers /  Challengers

 This program is designed for beginner+ thru intermediate players.

Groups are arranged by grade and level. This program meets once a week for 

1 hour. We encourage new participants to take a free fifteen minute evaluation 

before signing up for a clinic. Student to instructor ratio is 4:1. 


 Elite       6th - 12th graders   

 This program is designed for advanced intermediate players.  

 11/2 hour classes    

New participants must be evaluated before signing up for a clinic. 



   Adult Clinics


 This program ranges from basic instruction to match play strategies. Available for 

 1 hour or 1 1/2 hours. This is a 24 week program. 


  Men's Monthly Group Lessons  


 4.0-4.5  Thursday 8-9:30pm  Drills and Doubles Strategy (Instructed by Rory)

 3.5  Wednesday 7:30-9pm Doubles Strategy (Instructed by Doug)

 Monthly sessions.  Sign-up for each month is required. Minimum 3 people

   Private Lessons


 All private and semi-private lessons must be paid in full, for the month, before the 

 1st of every month. Only lessons canceled by 9am on the scheduled day of the  lesson will be credited to the next month.

   Stroke of the Week

 Whether you need to fine tune your serve, improve your top spin, or you've always  wanted to learn how to drop shot - this is a great way to do it! No long term  commitment - sign up for one class or several classes - the choice is yours!




   (Players Active Strategy Sessions) 

  PASS is a strategy workout based on the premise that by constantly playing points, participants will greatly improve their ability to win, better yet, their ability to compete. During each session, players will play against each other in games up to either seven, eleven or fifteen points. Each player will serve either two of four points in succession. 

The key to PASS is the implementation of a handicap system. When a stronger player plays a weaker player the weaker player will be given a certain number of points to "equalize" the playing field. The goal is to have every game reach the place where most people feel the challenge of the game, for example six to six in a seven point game, ten to ten in an eleven point game, and so on. Our Pros will comment while the game is in progress. These comments will cover all aspects, from choice of shot, to point construction, to timing of "big point/little point" and everything else in between. We strongly feel competitive instincts will greatly improve using this format. The staff at Vista feels that this program is a perfect compliment to private lessons and clinics. Players will be meeting and playing with other players that they might not have otherwise had the opportunity to meet or play with. This program is for intermediate & advanced intermediate players and with Pro approval.